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We create custom specialized software for businesses.

Among our products are analytical programs, information systems, web applications, and high-load corporate cloud solutions. Under the Sudodesk banner, we've managed to assemble a dream team that has implemented a wide range of individual solutions for key industries.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Our team boasts years of experience in automating business processes, developing corporate information systems, creating analytical dashboards, and integrating and implementing cutting-edge solutions. We employ both time-tested classical technologies and modern innovative tools, methodologies, and programming languages. This, coupled with quality control at every stage and flexible approaches to collaborating with each client, enables us to execute complex projects, ensuring the leadership of our customers and partners across various industries. Whether it's for a nationwide corporation or a local service provider, we understand business logic. We know what entrepreneurs need, and we excel at executing projects that elevate businesses to the next level.

Custom Software

We create custom software of any complexity for small to large businesses and public organizations, ranging from specialized programs to high-load cloud systems.

System Integration

We integrate data, implement and combine services, overcoming incompatibilities and resolving conflicts between system components.


We improve software without disrupting system operations - introducing modern solutions, eliminating "quick fixes" and "patches", while carefully preserving all data.


Using our accelerated launch methodology, we can kickstart your project with a minimum viable product, getting to market faster and gathering user feedback immediately.

Web Development

We design and develop custom websites and web applications of any complexity, delivering outstanding user experiences and elevating your online presence to the next level.

App Development

We create native apps for all types of mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and immersive user experience tailored to your brand's narrative.


We streamline your software delivery process. Our DevOps solutions ensure faster time-to-market, higher software quality, and continuous integration and deployment.

Technical Support

For all the solutions we develop, we offer clients a comprehensive package of services for technical support of the implemented projects.

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